Super Duper Pooper Scooper

I want a Black Lab,
a Yellow Lab,
and a Chocolate Lab
named Bowser.
I want a Bulldog,
a Basset Hound,
a Beagle,
and a Schnauzer.
A Mountain Dog,
a Bloodhound,
and every kind of Spaniel.
A Doberman,
a Shepherd,
and a Great Dane
named Daniel.
I want
a Saint Bernard
named Bernard.
A Shitzu in the backyard.
A hunting dog that
works hard.
What more can I say?
I'll take a Lhasa Apso
who's tilted to the right.
And what's better than a Setter
or a Pit Bull who won't fight?
I'll take a
and a Pointer
and a Husky who's named Jack.
A Malamute,
a Sheep Dog,
and one Rhodesian Ridgeback.
I want a
Boxer named Oscar,
a Collie and a hound.
A Chow Chow
a Terrier
and ten mutts from the pound.
I will love them all,
and feed them all.
I think that dogs are super.
I'm going to need a lot of love,
and one big pooper scooper.

Reid Genauer