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Welcome to my site. I'm the guy between the cracks. My eyes are how I smile deep. I hope you're smiling back. I'm in cahoots with mischief, the gangster of my soul. It's why my hair is curly and my spirit's curved and old. I'm the sum of all I think about. The shadows and sweet light. My lore is my left hand. It's the "see" of my web-site. Let's bounce a while, bob and weave and grab the good that's gettable.
I give you my face, my thoughts, my words, but my name is still forgettable. However, I invite you to remember this tale. Welcome Folks.


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One band 7 albums From Man With A Plan, and Second song , Deep cuts Long Dead and Borrowed feet to live versions of Roads and Speculators

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Join Reid Genauer Solo for Songs About Something. Hosted by Paige Clem w/ Erik Yates and Eric Long. Songwriters in the round.

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Listen to Conspire to Smile originals vs Covers on Spotify. From Lenny Kravit’s Let Love Rule to The Grateful Dead’s Not Fade Away and more…

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