I Yanked A Tooth on Tuesday

No, I wouldn't call it lost.
It's my treasure, it's my wealth.
It's safe under my pillow.
I put it there myself.
Sure, I believe in fairies,
I believe in Santa Claus.
I remember all the stories,
I follow all the laws:
Never stay up too late waiting,
never say that Santa's fake,
never pull on a loose tooth
and be good for goodness sake.
All right, so I'm not perfect,
sometimes I do things wrong.
I guess the way I see it,
I'm just helping things along.
Spencer is the bad one:
he's the sneaky one and more.
Spencer tied the string on.
He's the one who slammed the door.
I never even flinched once.
I didn't cry a bit.
I just let the tooth go flying,
with a little blood and spit.
It hung there from the doorknob,
swinging in the breeze.
My teacher looked astonished.
Spencer looked quite pleased.
I did this once before,
but I can't remember when.
One thing is for certain though,
that tooth won't chew again.
So I put it in my pocket,
where my other old tooth is.
Spencer tried to trade me
one of mine for one of his.
I told him to go fishing,
I would keep the teeth I had.
All his teeth have cavities,
and cavities are bad.
Yes, I yanked a tooth on Tuesday.
If that's wrong I'll pay the cost.
No, it isn't where it once was,
but I wouldn't call it lost.


Reid Genauer