A GREAT LONG SMILE: Welcome to " A Great Long Smile", Strangefolk Live From The Palladium November, 27th, 1999.  The Palladium show was a peak in our touring years during the 90s. Ben Collette who manages Phish’s studio, the Barn as well as his own Tank Studio happens to also be Strangefolk's archivist. When I mentioned I was looking for a companion release to go with #Conspire to smile Ben immediately said h "this was the one". Ben worked hard at mixing the soundboard recording and the audience recording and adding some studio magic to make what is called a studio "matrix mix" which has the crispiness of a board recording, energy of the live room and sonic richness of a professional recording studio.

Listening: You can simply press play and listen away. Downloads are available in the following formats: mp3, flac, wav, aif, and more. Click the download link under the album image to get started downloading.  We're going to hold off on making this an "official release" for a spell in order to give you and yours a chance to explore the music and roll around in it first. That said feel free to share it  with people who need it, who believe it and who you'd like invite to be a part of it. Simply press the share link under the album artwork to share.

Leading The Way:  #ConspireToSmile isn't JUST about listening.  Each of us play a role in the telling of our collective lore. I'd like to thank Luke, Jon and Erik, my bandmates and my friends, for putting so much of themselves into conspire to smile and as a group we'd in turn like to thank you for believing in it and in us.  Let's lean in together and bend the arc of our communal voice toward possibility and positivity.   See you at Eden Folks. Have fun out their and stay away from the brown acid!  We will remain. Sincerely, Reid R. Genauer