Someone's in the bathtub
Passing time and in the bathtub
Drinking local beer and blowing smoke up to the rafters
Try to twist the knobs there with your feet there in the bathtub
Soapy water hot, there's a house  


There is a hill
Not too far from here
There upon a hill
Everyone's singing, everyone

On a wooded hilltop
There where the pavement stops
There is a house
Seven children strong

And when they were young'uns
Their mama gave them lovin’
Their mama gave them, their mama gave them
What they need, look at how they've grown  


Susan was vivacious
Bill was never home
Sally loved her mother
and the condo that she owned
in Valhalla she was kinda shall'a

Chester was a genius
Thomas lived alone
Both of them were sleeping
And Tim was getting stoned on the veranda
What about Miranda?  


Susan was strong
William was wrong
Sally was thin
She kept it within
Chester was bright
Thomas polite
Timmy was high
High as a kite


Do you believe
Fairy tales come true?  
There upon a hill
Everyone's singing, everyone.


Reid Genauer