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Terrapin Crossroads: Hold Away Despair

There is something unique about Terrapin Crossroads and the performances that occur there that's worth exploring.  For me, a big part of it is that every day of the week a community of musicians gets up on that stage, "dusts off those rusty strings" and in earnest makes them shine again and again.   The other powerful thing for me about Terrapin Crossroads is that The Grateful Dead and all of the musical offshoots represent a spiritual place in one's mind. Terrapin Crossroads is actually a physical place that holds that same emotion.  You can tangibly touch it. 

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New AOD Studio Track - Amplified Messiah

“Amplified Messiah,” which marks the first studio recording made by the original memembers of Assembly of Dust since Some Assembly Required in 2009 and as you might expect includes Nate Wilson on keys and Andy Herrick on drums. Fear not Jason and Dave are all over the album. Dave actually joins Andy for the double drummer effect on Amplified. 

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Let It Be: A Gateway To The Universe

 I remember sitting on a pine green blanket sometime around 1985. The crisp glean of a brand spanking new Beatles song book. The feeling is what sticks with me the most, though it was like being touched by some unknown entity, filled completely and fired up with intensity. At the risk of sounding inappropriately Californian, I realize now it was the first tast of things to come - a way of being spiritual and of connecting with THE universe through a gateway they call music, and it rocked! 

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