As I began thinking about both Conspire To Smile   the concept  and the related Kickstarter it struck me that this hidden gem of an evening was, without devising, already part of the project.  It was a performance in which we truly did conspire to smile, to let the music play the band, to be music and I believe those in attendance felt it. Whats more - it's a damn good HD concert video.  So as you dip your toe into the waters of Assembly of Dust and #ConspireToSmile both of which are effectively artistic ideals built on the shoulders of The Grateful Dead, please consider this performance in the context it was delivered, with the intent it contains and the community it was intended for.  We were joined by Elliott Peck and Alex Koford of Midnight North and my longtime musical companion Jon Trafton (Strangefolk). The entire show  can be streamed below, from Vimeo directly or downloaded from Vimeo if you prefer to have a copy.  Join me and my friends in a shared convictions to be shockingly positive. - Reid Genauer