Crest of My Wing

I don't need no sympathy
You know I'm givin' you mine
Some other people drag you down,
Man I'm there all the time {repeat}

This is a story and here's how it goes
There's nothing more to say
If you need a harbor in an endless sea
You can turn and look this way {repeat}

When the night comes down on you
Drags you to the ground
Pick up your pieces and start over again
You can hear a mighty sound {repeat 5x}

Life was a story I'd write it for you
And our friends would sing along
Guess the pain is too much to bear
Be strong, my friend, be strong {repeat}

There is a place where the sun always shines
And the birds they always sing
If you need a ticket to this wonderland
You can ride on the crest of my wing


Reid Genauer