Sandals or a Suit?

Reid Genauer - Kids Poems - Sandals or a Suit?

I saw a man at a concert

wearing shiny stones.

He had some funky sandals

and wore some strange cologne.

"I want to be like him," I thought,

filled with love and art.

Tomorrow I will buy some beads.

Tomorrow I will start.

When I can,

I'll grow a beard

and grow my hair real long.

I'll learn to play some mean guitar

and write some rockin' songs.

I'll take a trip to Africa

and learn to play the drums.

I'll wear some sandals on my feet

and rings on both my thumbs.

And then I went to work one day

My father's work, that is.

He said he'd teach me business,

he'd school me in "The Bizz."

I met a man named Frank McGee,

wearing a fine suit.

He was running a large business

and making lots of loot.

"I want to be like him," I thought.

I'll wear a center part.

Tomorrow I will buy a tie.

Tomorrow I will start.

When it comes,

I'll shave my beard

and keep my hair real short.

I'll learn to play the stock market

and build a tennis court.

I'll take a trip to Switzerland

and learn about their banks.

If I can't find the proper suit

I'll borrow one of Frank's.

So now I'm stuck deciding,

is it sandals or a suit?

I have to ask the question

Is it love and art or loot?

I'm thinking I am half and half.

I need them both a little.

In terms of sandals or a suit,

I'm kind of in the middle.

I need to find some common ground,

to find some sort of link.

I'm thinking I might wear them both

and see what people think.

Reid Genauer