Janet From Another Planet



Reid Genauer - Storyteller - Janet From Another Planet

Everyone said Janet

was from another planet,

because of all the funny things she wore.

No one seemed to understand her

or her grown up sense of grandeur.

Little kids found her bizarre right to the core.


She wore a straw hat on her head, a ribbon that was red

and a purple velvet skirt hung from her waist.

With turquoise earring in her ear, she looked old beyond her years.

The kids could not account for Janet's taste.


Wearing a shiny satin vest, her heart pinned to her chest

and glitter that she wore from head to toe Janet walked in her bare feet

to the sound of her own beat.

If she was strange she didn't care or didn't know.


With every passing season, people slowly found more reason

in the fashion that their school mates wore with pride. She was cooler than they knew,

and the only thing to do

was to follow up the leads she would provide.


Now many years went past

and the fashion seemed to last.

Janet takes the credit for its birth.

The kids all look at her and say, "we were with you all the way."

There goes Janet, who now hails from planet Earth.