CONSPIRE TO SMILE - THE ALBUM: Welcome to #ConspireToSmile" folks. As you listen to the music i'm hoping to you might spend 3 minutes on3 quotes that summarize the intent of this project:

  1. A person is but the product of their thoughts. What they think, they become." -Mahatma Gandhi

  2. "Try not to become a person of success. Rather become a person of Value.” -Albert Einstein

  3. "If you get confused listen to the music play." -Robert Hunter

The Music: Simply press play and #ConspireToSmile. Downloads are available as mp3, flac, wav, aif, and more. Click the download link under the album image to download.  Feel free to share #ConspireToSmile  as you see fit. Put it in the hands of those who need it and who best believe it. You're at the helm.

The Message:  #ConspireToSmile isn't just about music and its definitely not just about my music.  It's the notion that we are more alike than different, the belief that music can simultaneously deliver wild freedom and the sense of deep comfort that comes from belonging to it.  I'd like to thank each of you, my coconspirators for providing that sense of wonder and security for me. 


The Coconspiritors: 
This album is a celebration of the collective “we” and the power that each of us has in the telling of our shared story. It's a reminder that we have something special to bolster us, a community, a  belief system and a powerful shared voice. It’s also a gentle reminder to lead the way with that belief system in mind. Our little community is geographically distributed but deeply connected through the stretched out soul of rock and roll. This is an opportunity to lean into our collective lore and #ConspireToSmile - if even but for a moment.   #ConspireToSmile. 


Reid-Genauer-Conspire-To-Smile _Coconspiritors Mash Up.png

The Folks: 
The process for making this record was truly collaborative. It brings together the talent, charisma, time and sweeping spirit of some two dozen musicians. These are characters with loud awareness and screaming guitars. People with old souls and ancient Stratocasters. They're personalities who by definition "go to 11" and if you're reading this - so to must you. Most importantly these Folks are my friends for whom I have a deep affection and admiration, my musical coconspirators, my tribe, whose imagination and creativity moves me, soothes me and drives me forward.  In alphabetical order:

For listing of musical contribution by track go HERE

  1. Jason Crosby - Piano & Violin

  2. Dave Diamond - Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals

  3. Marc Friedman - Bass

  4. Reid Genauer - Vocals & Guitar

  5. Erik Glockler - Bass & Vocals

  6. Jennifer Hartswick - Trumpet & Vocals

  7. Andy Herrick - Drums & Percussion

  8. Jesse Klirsfeld - Trumpet

  9. Alex Koford - Vocals

  10. Scott Law - Electric Guitars

  11. Chris Laybourne - Saxophone

  12. Dan "LEBO" Lebowitz - Acoustic/Electric Guitar & Pedal Steal

  13. John Leccese - Bass & Vocals

  14. Grahame Lesh - Vocals

  15. Peter Levin - Clavinet

  16. Aaron Maxwell - Vocals & Electric Guitar

  17. Scott Metzger - Acoustic & Electric Guitar

  18. Ryan Montbleau - Vocals

  19. Elliott Peck - Vocals

  20. Peter Prince - Vocals

  21. Brian Rashap - Bass

  22. Luke Smith - Drums & Percussion

  23. Adam Terrell - Electric Guitar & Vocals

  24. Moe Tompkins - Trombone

  25. Jon Trafton - Guitars, Keyboard, Vocals

  26. Barbara Tucker - Vocals

  27. Nate Wilson - Keyboard


Produced by Dave Diamond
Mixed & Mastered by Chris Laybourne
Engineering - Jake Alexander, Ben Collete, Ari Rios, Jon Trafton
Graphic Design - Chris Gallen, Reid Genauer
Spiritual Gangster - Edith "WG" Hobart

Be good to each other folks and to state the obvious... #ConspireToSmile

- Reid R Genauer (The artist formerly known as Reinhold)