Conspire to Smile is a Kickstarter Campaign and an album recorded by 24 musicians including Strangefolk & Assembly of Dust, intended to amplify positive sentiment on social media.

NEW ALBUM:  Recorded By Reid Genauer & Folks                                                           Listen to The First 4 Tracks

2 originals and 12 "retold" versions of songs about positivityTh


Watch "Conspire to Smile" Music VIdeo

The Folks Are:

Watch "Amplified Messiah" Music Video

Jason    Crosby
Dave    Diamond
Marc    Friedman
Reid    Genauer
Erik    Glockler
Jennifer    Hartswick
Andy    Herrick
Alex    Jordan
Alex    Koford
Scott    Law
Chris    Laybourne
Dan "LEBO"    Lebowttiz
John    Leccese
Grahame    Lesh
Peter    Levin
Aaron    Maxwell
Scott    Metzger
Ryan    Montbleau
Elliott    Peck
Brian    Rashap
Luke    Smith
Adam    Terrell
Jon    Trafton
Nate    Wilson

Watch "Amplified Messiah" Music Video

HD CONCERT VIDEO - Assembly of Dust - ( Terrapin Crossroads 2016 )            Watch "Man With A Plan"

  • The Music: 19 Songs (Two Sets)
  • The Audio: 24 channel multitrack audio mix
  • The Video: 9 camera HD video shoot  that looks fantastic on an HDTV.                                           

SOLO ACOUSTIC Studio Recording - "We Are All Fables"                             Listen To The First Rough Mixes of First 4 Songs

  • 12 songs
  • Professionally recorded
  • All but naked with guitar in hand   

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STRANGEFOLK lIVE ALBUM: The Palladium Theater -1999

The Palladium show was a peak in our touring years during the 90s.  Ben Collette who manages Phish’s studio, the Barn as well as his own Tank Studio happens to also be Strangefolk's archivist. He has a ton of material and felt like "this was the one". Ben is hard at work mixing the soundboard recording and the audience recording to make what is called a studio "matrix mix" which has the crispiness of a board recording, energy of the live room and sonic richness of a professional recording studio.

Studio Matrix Mix

  • Crispiness of a board recording
  • Energy of the live room
  • Sonic richness of a professional recording studio

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HARD COVER LYRIC BOOK: 1988-2018   "This is What I Saw" 

  •  Coffee table book spanning 30 years of songwriting
  • Lyrics to 100 songs written by Reid Genauer
  • Starting with Crest of My Wing in 1988 all the way up to Conspire to Smile in 2018,
  • Signed and handwritten inscription of your choosing by Reid.

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SWAG: Pins, Poster, Stickers & Shirts

Conspire to Smile Logo Swag

  • Shirt
  • Stickers
  • Pins
  • Poster

Lyrics Pins

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KIDS AUDIOBOOK: Sandals or a Suite

  • 10 poem Audio Book
  • Download lyrics and illustrations.
  • Written and read by Reid Genauer
  • Illustration By Alan Close
-A Snore Behind The Door
-Funny Names
-I Yanked A Tooth On Tuesday
-Janet From Another Planet
-Jeffrey's Jungle
-Painted Feet
-Sandals or a Suite
-Super Dooper Pooper Scooper

YOUR LIFE IS A SONG: Written By Reid

I will interview you and write a brand new song about your life or the parts of it you care to share.  I've done this once before as part of Assembly of Dust's 2013 Kickstarter for Ted and Jan Williamson. Ted and Jan live in Oklahoma and its aptly named "Oklahoma Point of View." The story recounts the evening and events of their first date and expresses the indelible nature of an affection that ensues to this day. It's a small monument to a big love told through the lens of our shared song.